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New to investing or don’t know where to start? We help you learn the basics of investing and where to get started.

Personalized Education Snowball Wealth helps you understand what investing means using simple language. We start from the basics and build up from there based on your level of understanding.

Completely Free 100% free for you. We make money through referrrals but our core value is we would NEVER recommend anything we wouldn’t to a close friend or family.

Confidence to Start Investing We recommend the right path to invest based on your investing, level, style, and goal, and share inspiring stories from our community.

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Don’t know where to start investing? Our team has evaluated the best places to start investing so you don’t need to - we base this on your investing level, style, and goals. We are not an investment platform, and our recommendations are platform-neutral. No platform or other partner pays us for a favorable position.

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Inspiring Stories From Our Community

As the first in my family to go to college, I didn't know how to start investing. I started small and slowly built up to investing in real estate."
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Investing was really intimidating when I first started. I knew it was important and prioritized it, and have been saving $500/month since I graduated from college to invest. That has turned into a real nest egg for me.”
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I never knew that you were supposed to invest out of your retirement account, and just had my money sitting there. Since I've chosen a roboadvisor, I've been able to make my money work for me.”
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