The Snowball Story

Working to make wealth-building possible for everyone.

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Our Mission

Snowball believes that no matter what wealth or income you come from, EVERYONE should have access to the best advice to build towards wealth. We aim to do the heavy lifting while still being a neutral platform, so you can make the best choices possible in your financial life.


People First

We put the Snowball Wealth community first. Every decision we make or product we recommend should be in the best interest of our community.

Excellence at the Core

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, whether we are building a product or growing our team, so we can achieve exceptional results.

Think Big and Innovate

We strive to think big and create and communicate a bold direction for Snowball Wealth. We think differently and look around everywhere for the best ways to serve our community.

Leadership Team

Tanya Menendez

CEO / Co-founder

Pearl Chan

COO / Co-founder

Justin Vencel

CTO / Co-founder


Canine Security

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